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Covid-19 cases in Austria also on the rise

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

VIENNA -The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Austria continues to rise as the Austrian Ministry of Health announced Wednesday that there are already 27 COVID-19 cases in the country out of 3,138 tests carried out on persons suspected of being infected with the virus.

One of the confirmed Covid-19 cases involves a woman from Vienna who tested positive after returning home from Italy according to Andreas Huber, spokesman of the medical crisis team of the City of Vienna. Huber also noted that the woman’s condition is not serious and that she had been placed in domestic quarantine.

In Lower Austria, the number of people infected with the coronavirus rose to five also on Wednesday. Two new cases have been reported affecting women from the Korneuburg district who are now in domestic quarantine. These women were found to have been in contact with persons who previously tested positive for the virus in the district.

All three persons who have so far been registered as infected in Lower Austria also come from the district of Korneuburg. Of the three cases, two involved a couple and the third case that of a woman who had professional contact with the said couple. All three are also presently under domestic quarantine.

Report from Hector Pascua

Like the rest of other European countries, Austria is also grappling with a rising number of Covid-19 cases. Photo by Hector Pascua.

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