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Germany raises alert on Covid-19 to “high”; clinical trials on new vaccine eyed soon

By Grace Sheela Pickert

BERLIN --Germany’s leading research agency, Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has raised the alert level on Covid-19 from “moderate” to “high.”

"We now estimate the risk to health in Germany as' high,”

RKI chief Lothar Wieler announced at the institute's daily press briefing today.

The new assessment came in the wake of the rapidly increasing number of cases and the updates that the RKI received from the national health offices and the clinics Lothar told Der Spiegel.

In Germany, 6012 of Covid-19 cases and 13 deaths were reported nationwide on Tuesday

"We have to assume that the number of cases is much higher," said Wieler.

Limited test capacities and a delay in reporting of around three to four days may mean the actual figures are more than the figures reported.

Meanwhile, German pharmaceutical CureVac co-founder Florian von der Mulbe told Reuters Friday that the company is set to start clinical trials on the vaccines they have developed. He also said that he hopes a vaccine will be ready in June and July for approval for human testing.

CureVac main investor Dietmar Hopp reacting to rumors of a US acquisition of the company said they want to develop a vaccine that will help the people not only regionally but also the world as its “act of solidarity.”

CureVac recently canceled an exclusive deal with the United States for its coronavirus vaccine. The company has received a total of 80 million euros in loans for its research from the European Union


Brandenburg Gate in Berlin Photo by Orly delos Santos

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