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Spain eyes extension of State of Alarm

By Sandra Sotelo, Spain

BARCELONA -- The Spanish government eyes extension of the State of Alarm for 15 more days of confinement measures until April 11.

This decision was communicated to the presidents of the autonomous governments during the video conference held this morning.

“The worst is yet to come and we are about to face very hard times,” said Spain president Pedro Sánchez.

He also appealed to every citizen to observe strict quarantine and be united in battling the pandemia.

With this announcement, all economic measures earlier announced are also extended.

Meanwhile, around 53,000 health workers are being called in to aid the staff shortage, including retired professionals and 4th year medicine students.

All efforts are now being exerted to address the shortage of sanitary protective equipment in the country as international suppliers and local companies are being tapped to produce these much-needed materials.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Photo by Sandra Sotelo

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