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Spain records 637 new coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours, the lowest in two weeks.

By Sandra Sotelo Aboy, Spain

Barcelona --The death toll record marks a 5% increase from the total count and a rise of 3% new confirmed cases to 4,273 was also recorded.

The downtrend experienced in the last four days indicates that the enhanced measures that the government has imposed upon the extension of the lockdown are having a positive impact on the spread of the pandemic.

Shown in the graph from ElPais is the death toll development from March to April.

In the press conference, President Sanchez underscored the hardships that the nation is enduring saying, that "these are hard days for all of us. For many, these are the most difficult days of our lives."

Furthermore, President Pedro Sánchez is set to present his decision to further extending the state of alarm at the Cabinet meeting set tomorrow, Tuesday, which will be passed to Parliament for authorization on Thursday. The new extension will last until midnight of April 25.

The new extension, Sánchez added, is necessary for the recovery of the health system. It will allow the containment of the avalanche on the hospitals, particularly the ICU´s. Measures will be lightened but he also emphasized the need not to let down the guard in order not to fall on a second wave of infections.

As of April 6, Spain continues to place second worldwide on the COVID-19 cases registering a total of 135,032. Total recoveries count to 40,437 and total deaths are 13,055.

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