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Spain registers more deaths than China, second only to Italy

By Sandra Sotelo, Spain

BARCELONA – Latest statistics presented by the Spanish government showed that its death toll at 3,433 has now surpassed that of China (3,281) and is second only to Italy (6,829). As of today, with 738 recorded deaths over the last 24 hours, Spain has become the second country in the world to record the highest number of fatalities to Covid-19.

Photo for illustration, by Jacinto Monteagudo

The government reported that the current 27% increase in fatality rate compared to the figures yesterday implies that the country is approaching the peak of the Covid-19 crisis and is expecting to hit the top in the next few days.

Confirmed cases in Spain were registered at 47,610 while new cases were at 7,937. The number of recoveries were at 5,367 with 1,573 increase since the last report.

Table 1: Covid-19 cases consolidated on March 24,2020, 21:00H.

Table 2: Distribution of hospital, ICU and death cases by age and sex percentages

Based on the analytics released by the Department of Health on age and sex distribution of the confirmed Covid-19 cases(see chart, data consolidated on march 24,2020, 9.00PM), the highest percentage of deaths are within the range of 80-89 years composing almost half (46.6%) of all the reported deaths.

These are followed by ages 70-79 with 20.8% and those aged 90 up with 19.4%. There are more men hospitalized with 4,996 cases compared to 3,405 of women which results to more deaths among men (587) to women (331). The analytics is based from available data with 21,872 cases with age information and 21,851 with both age and sex information.

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