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Spain’s death toll remains low signaling a possible plateau in Covid-19 infections

Photo: One of the hospitals in Catalonia.

Credit: Sandra Sotelo Aboy

By Sandra Sotelo Aboy

BARCELONA - For four consecutive days, Spain registered less than 600 daily death record, presenting a plateau in the graph presentation of the outbreak.

While the death toll has remained below the 600 level for several days, the number of confirmed cases rose to more than 5,000 in Spain as more tests are being conducted, and reporting of cases included those who have been classified as “possible cases” or were categorized as asymptomatic or who have already passed the illness.

The Government of Catalonia, on one hand, has published a total figure of deaths that has almost doubled from the 3,726 to a new total of 7,097.

This overnight upsurge in the region is due to a change in the method of collating data of deaths provided by hospitals, residences, social care centers or private homes. This change was made in the accounting category to provide a more transparent picture of the situation according to the Catalan Health Ministry.

Other regions such as Madrid and Navarra have also started counting the deaths that occurred outside hospital care.

These added figures, however, have not been included in the global count of the Spain Health Ministry.

There are 10,000 deaths estimated to have occurred in residences and social care centers around the country.

A graphic representation of the Covid-19 evolution during Spain's State of Alarm period.

Legend: Yellow (Confirmed cases) / Green (Recoveries) / Gray (Deaths)


1,312 of these confirmed cases come from quick tests and the total infected cases are now at 182,816. The number of recoveries also rose to almost 4,000 which makes a total of 74,797.

“I am optimistic about the evolution but I would be very prudent when evaluating on whether we have already won this fight or not,” Fernando Simon, Director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health told reporters at the press conference today.

Health authorities believe that the coronavirus crisis has already peaked in Spain but insist on taking prudent steps on easing restrictions amid fear of falling into resurgence or a second wave of infections.

There are reports that indicate lockdown would be further extended into mid-May.1

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