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The United Kingdom to close down schools

By Gene Alcantara

Bowing to public pressure Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally announced today the closure of schools, colleges, and nurseries from Friday until further notice. School exams at GCSE and A levels have also been canceled for May and June.

The order covers everyone except for children of keyworkers such as nurses and doctors, and related staff, and vulnerable children. This is so that National Health Service (NHS) staff could continue to operate while dealing with the expected deluge of Covid-19 cases, allaying concerns about frontline NHS staff being able to remain in work if their children were to stay home.

The announcement for England came as Covid-19 fatalities rose to 104, and after Scotland and Wales announced that their schools are closing by Friday.

The UK is on the upside of the curve and the health services together with voluntary services are expected to play a key role in the fight against the virus. Planned surgeries have been postponed for now and they are strengthening their Accident & Emergency and Intensive Care Unit services.

Scientists in the capital have been released from the academe and other duties to assist in research and development of a cure and to use their skills to help prepare and plan the service. With the NHS predicted to be overwhelmed when asked how the government will choose who gets treatment or not, PM Johnson said he will be relying on decisions by the medical professionals.

The UK could go into total lockdown similar to Italy, Spain or France.

Sign on a pharmacy wall giving instructions on those exposed to coronavirus.

Boots' notice that they have run out of popular anti-coronavirus items.

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