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UK PM BORIS JOHNSON: “In high spirits” despite hospitalisation

Photo: St Thomas Hospital is located just across the river from the Houses of Parliament, and has many Filipino nurses and healthworkers employed there.

Credit: Gene Alcantara

By Gene Alcantara, UK

London - -UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in his tweet from his St Thomas Hospital bed, wrote that he remains “in high spirits” despite being checked in at the hospital. He is also apparently still running the government as he “keeps in touch with this team, as we work together, to fight this virus and keep eve

ryone safe.”

Coronavirus-stricken Johnson was admitted to hospital on Sunday, 5 April and reportedly received oxygen treatment as a precaution. The PM tested positive with coronavirus 10 days ago and was running a temperature and suffered coughing.

As he insisted on running the government from his sick bed, it is feared he may lack rest and sleep, and was reportedly coughing heavily during conference calls with his ministers.

At 55 years old, Mr Johnson has reportedly previously suffered from pneumonia making him risk-prone to another bout with pneumonia if his temperature has lasted more than a week.

His pregnant partner and fiancee, Carrie Symonds, has been self-isolating at her flat in Camberwell, South London.

As the UK has no deputy Prime Minister role, should Mr Johnson be advised to take a break from running the government, his colleagues, Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, are expected to play a central role. Mr Hancock had also tested positive for the coronavirus but returned from self-isolation on Thursday.

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